Ingredients, Allergen Labeling or Advisory Statements
Bitterroot Cookie Cutter (BCC) is a small, home-based business that produces homemade baked goods. "Homemade" being defined as food or a food product that is prepared in a private home that is not licensed, permitted, certified, packaged, labeled, or inspected per any official regulations. It should be noted that products from my store are not eligible for resale under any circumstances nor are they sold in a retail setting. I adhere to the FDA’s enforcement policy regarding major food allergen labeling and cross-contact. As someone who experienced severe Gluten intolerance for at least 10 years, I understand how critical it is to avoid cross-contact between gluten and non-gluten ingredients/tools, etc. To the best of my ability, I will make every effort to ensure that if you have any food allergies or sensitivities, that your products will be delivered safe for your consumption. Every product in my store is sold with ingredient information including any allergy labeling or advisory statements attached to either products or packaging.

BCC strictly uses only the highest quality ingredients and no inexpensive substitutes. If different ingredients/brands are sampled, it is under a trial basis only until I determine they meet my standards. It is my goal to produce only the best products for you!



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* Products are made in a home kitchen that is not subject to retail food establishment regulations or inspections.

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